Greenheart Circus Workshop at Freedom Friday


Last week, we guided a Circus Workshop for Whole Life Learning Center’s Freedom Fridays Group.  It’s a revolutionary program where the children themselves set the curriculum.  Freedom Fridays uses a holistic model of education that honors the body, mind, heart, and spirit of each learner.  “If they want to hire a specialist to teach a particular skill, or teach other students about their own skills, the freedom is all theirs”.  So when they decided they wanted to learn circus arts, the Director Michael Carberry, came to Greenheart Creative.

We led a series of games, skill practice, and then had a fun collaborative show to integrate all the learning and expression.  The more we spend time with ‘Indigo Children’, the more inspired and hopeful we are about the future…and having kids ourselves one day.  It was fun to share juggling, hooping, clowning, and acrobatics with a collection of eager imaginations!  And we are so proud of Michael Carberry and all of the other community that helps support the vibrant vision as it continues to grow and evolve as a center for self-design learning.

“By focusing on what we love and what we’re passionate about, rather than on the areas where we struggle, we discover the confidence and tools to develop a true love of learning. When we do what we are inspired about, learning is fun and natural; improvisation, creativity and intelligence flourish!  We are learning how to learn, naturally – a critical skill that will never lose its value.” – Michael Carberry


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