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Greenheart Creative produces socially-conscious films for top brands, networks, and organizations. When we’re not behind the camera creating meaningful media, you can find us delighting audiences with engaging performance entertainment: Stage hypnosis shows, Costumed Stilt Walkers, Fortune Telling and more. Thank you for thinking of us! Please enjoy this glimpse into our wild world where we share a saucy slice of what we do. We believe that the life you live is your greatest work of art.

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jefe greenheart

Jefe Greenheart Jefe Greenheart is a filmmaker, hypnotist and life artist in Austin, TX.  He postponed a flourishing career in documentary television to pursue his childhood dream of running away with the circus.  He’s always looked for extreme ways to overcome his fears by landing insane jobs: from a bungee jump test dummy to filming the top athletes on the planet while riding backwards on a motorcycle at blazing speeds.  He’s worked with today’s biggest celebrities including Lady Gaga, Lance Armstrong, and even President Barack Obama.  Today, he also brings his mastery of the hypnotic arts to entertain and inspire groups to awaken their imaginations, go deeper, and dream bigger!

kelly vaughn

Kelly Greenheart of Greenheart.TV

Kelly Vaughn is passionate about living her art, exploring the beauty of the world, and intent on using her gifts to inspire others to serve their communities. Possessing a profound gypsy wanderlust, she’s been all over the world engaged in enviro-humanitarian work. She’s produced films in India, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and the United States. She has vagabonded Europe, studied at the United Nations, and served in Cuba, Ghana, India, and the Amazon.  She lives to spread smiles and strives to make her life her greatest work of art. An entertainer, dancer, and costume extraordinaire since childhood, she dazzles crowds with enthusiasm, face paint, and elaborate, handcrafted, up-cycled costumes.

our story

It all started one day when I followed the music into the woods. What I found was life-changing: an interactive circus troupe that made everyone the star of the show. Kelly was one of the lead organizers/performers about to take the circus on the road. I took the leap and joined them, fulfilling a life-long childhood dream to run away with the circus. One of the stops along the tour was the Burning Man Festival, a playground of radical creativity and artistic expression. One night Kelly invited me to explore the playa together, and it was love at first dance. We trapezed in a dome over Bassnectar, hopped onto giant art cars shaped like Dragons, and as the sun rose realized we had found our soulmate.  Then Kelly said, “I’m leaving for South America in two weeks; I might never come back.  Now’s your chance, come with me or not”.  In two weeks I quit my job, sold my car, my house, and everything I owned, to join her in love and service across the world.